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About Route-R?

Get to know our system. Created in 2010 we are the original  school transport system, Route-r is a powerful school bus transport management system powered by OFEC.  Working with schools, we have built both the system from scratch, the Exeat Travel became a further advancement from the work we have done with every day bus travel with schools, the best thing could be that because everything is hand coded by us, we know the system inside out.

In-house support from Trusted Sources

We are an all-in-one package, quite how we have managed to maintain our collective creativity and technical wizardry remains a mystery, but the end results are pretty good; a great  school transport management system. Don’t get us started on process automation, our passion for efficiency is verging on insane and if you have lots of systems that need integrating, we love a challenge (we’re a bit geeky like that).

With 19 years experience in IT and 8 years in transport systems I guess you could say you are in safe hands, we are Microsoft Partners, and have successful projects with raving reviews.

What would a top transport management system offer?

  • Child Safety,
  • Email Broadcast
  • Parent/Pupil Access.
  • Waiting Lists
  • Easy to use.
  • Indepth Reporting
  • Branded for you. 
  • Lots of Automation
  • MIS Integration
  • Time/Cost Saving

Everyday Buses 

The original School Transport Bus Management System is the perfect system for your transport manager to keep on top of travel at your schools or multiple schools. An all in one, simple to use system, which also allows parents the flexibility to make, amend bookings on a 24/7 and know when there child has got on or off the bus.


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