Boarding School Exeat Management Software 

Route-r Exeat, a simple to use cloud-based software by parents, students & staff taking care of your boarding school management needs that keeps tracks of students past, present & future travel plans during set exeats making sure that students’ welfare is number one priority! How can one system do all that, you ask. Just see below. 


Easy approval process by staff to accept or decline an Exeat.


Exeats coming up automatically send Parents/Pupils reminders to fill in their application. 


Time Saving

Manage all exeat needs from one system, with instant notifications to parents.

Pick your Exeats

Staff/Administrators can easily add Exeats

you in Mind

We know schools run differently, we have made Route-r Exeat from scratch so can easily take into account bespoke needs.  



Parent Access

24/7 parent and pupil access to view, apply, edit exeats. 

Up to date data at all times!iSams & Sims

Link with your MIS!

Our Boarding school exeat management system links with your Management Information System keeping all student information up to date at all times, with daily syncs! So when ever any new students join they will automatically be ready to use Route- r Exeat. We not only have the ability to link with popular MIS like iSams, Sims etc but our developers can also link with smaller MIS too. 

What Clients Say?