School transport Management System

Route-r is  designed with you in mind we have worked with schools to work out what is really needed to deliver a School Transport Management System which works in the real world to help you save time to manage school travel and help towards pupil safeguarding through a simple, easy to use system.

With Route-r we understand every school can be different, our system can be tailored to your bus needs. Parents will also have peace of mind as they will be able to plan ahead and book transport for their children with ease.

Some of the key features are:

  • Cost Management and billing.
  •  Child Safety know who's on the bus.
  • Auto Renewing to set your booking to automate each term.
  • Space on the bus last minute bookings are fine so pupils going around with friends is not a problem.
  • Ability to keep track of lost items, allowing parents to get in contact.
  • Busy bus, late the waiting list take care of this.
  • Bus Tracking

Best of all it has the capacity to make money for the school by careful management of the school routes and options.

Added Value from Route-r

> Child Safety

> Save Time & Money

> Flexible, Easy to use

>Reduce Staff Administration

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