WEDUC School Bus Management System

Consider the choices for you school bus management system procurement WEDUC or Route-R?

For every school management team, providing better security and safety to students while commuting to and from school is the topmost priority. Not only the bus management system makes tracking easier for schools, but it also helps parents to keep track of bus movement, location, and routing. Thus, offering both school authorities and parents complete peace of mind. With time pressure on staff and parents, we are also continually looking at options to simlify processes.

It is for these reasons why schools are looking to invest in an efficient and quality school bus management system like Route-R or WEDUC. The WEDUC school bus management system offers the technology for both parents and schools to track children in real-time on their bus journey to and from the school, as does Route-R.

Of course, the WEDUC school bus management system might be a good choice for your school, however, to make the selection much more transparent, it is always a better idea to look at alternatives before making the decision.

Therefore, if you are considering the WEDUC school bus management system, also have a look at the Route-R school bus management system to make an informed decision.

Route-R School Bus Management System

Route-R school bus management system has been specifically designed by keeping the safety and security of children in mind. It is a well-designed system that allows schools to save time while managing school travel and help them achieve security for students and administrative efficiency through a simple and easy-to-use system.

The following are some of the features that the Route-R school bus management system has to offer.

  1. Bookings

The Route-R school bus management system allows parents to make bookings for their children seamlessly. From simple termly bookings to more complex bookings such as picking up your children from different houses at different times on different days – the system makes it very easy for parents.

  1. Renewals

Along with seamless bookings, the Route-R school bus management system also makes it very easy to automatically set your booking to renew from time to time. Thus, allowing you to save both time and effort.

  1. Alerts

Parents are always worried about the safety of their children. Therefore, using the Route-R school bus management system, schools can send alerts to parents regarding the cancellation or delay of bus timings. Schools can even use the alerts feature to let know parents when their child has fobbed on to the bus.

  1. Tracking

In addition to receiving alerts from the school, parents can also use the Route-R bus management system for tracking the bus. Parents can use the system to know whether the bus is running late, or has broken down, or just to get some reassurance that their child is safe and secure.

  1. Waiting Lists

If the school buses are busy, the Route-R bus management system can allocate children to a waiting list. Therefore, as soon as the place is available, they can be added to the bus immediately.

  1. Parent Access

Route-R school bus management system allows 24 x 7 access to parents. They can use the system to make bookings, report lost property, and manage current bookings among other things, as per their convenience.

Final Thoughts

Of course, WEDUC school bus management is an efficient system, however, it is always a good idea to compare different solutions and make an informed decision and evidence based decision.

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