Some of the many features in our school bus management system benefit from a few words to explain what they are so this list does not cover all the bus management features, just the latest, maybe the biggest, so if you want something that's not listed just get in touch, we probably have it as we aim to be the most powerful feature rich bus management system available.


Link with your MIS!

Our Boarding school exeat management and bus management systems link with your Management Information System keeping all student information up to date at all times, with daily syncs! So when ever any new students join they will automatically be ready to use Route- r/Exeat. We not only have the ability to link with popular MIS like iSams, Sims etc but our developers can also link with smaller MIS too. 

Integration with your MIS!

Route-r can integrate with your current Management Information System making sure we have all the up to date Parent/Pupil Records, from the popular systems such as iSams, Sims etc or the smaller more unique systems our skilled developers will make it work.

Integration with your MIS
Integration with your MIS
iSAMS Integration with your MIS

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